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Modular Dog Kennel

An example of my very popular modular dog kennel system built on a raised platform, with a fully insulated dog house; the entire structure is covered with a framed roof and sheet metal protecting the dog from the elements. This system can be setup in almost any backyard setting and can be dismantled. It can be built to any size/proportions with 6 foot high ceiling.

Some upgrades include:

  1. PVC/ Composite deck boards
  2. Hound Heater
  3. Spring loaded dog door
  4. Bite protection
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Traditional Dog Kennel

The best in Shelter & security, From vented vault ceiling design for proper air flow throughout, to safe and secure shed space with a built-in self sufficient insulated dog house. A lot of thought has gone into the function of this setup. Don't settle for just any dog kennel, contact me to find out more.

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Traditional Dog Kennel

With the combination of a large shed and an enclosed run space, the traditional dog kennel provides the best protection and security outdoors.

Since it is built like a small house, the indoor space can be fully climate controlled for maximum comfort

Can be built as a single unit or multiple units with partitions

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Custom Dog Run

Custom dog run built over a concrete slab, with heavy duty chain-link fencing and custom dog houses & shed combination providing a summer time friendly large vented hall way and feeding area with a man door and doggy door combination, and a separate heated and insulated area for sleeping with its own access door for maintenance.

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Luxury Dog Kennel

This is truly a luxury custom kennel that will not only provide a safe and enjoyable spot for your dog but add value to your backyards landscape setting

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