Dog houses are always tailored to your dogs size, breed and requirements


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Traditional Dog House

"The design that will never go out of style"

For those who wish to keep it traditional this house will fit the bill. There is no wind breaker aspect to this design but coupled with my spring loaded dog door and *Hound heater, will keep this house nice and toasty

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Decked Out Dog House

"The dog house that will make your neighbors jealous"

This dog house is sure to look impressive in your backyard. Your dog will love to hang out on the big front porch creating a nice shaded areas on hot sunny days. Built with premium grade plywood siding and spray painted to your choice of colour

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Luxury Dog House 

The high-end custom house for your dog

This house was massive! Measuring at 10 feet long by 6 feet wide and 7 feet high. It was built as two units with a divider, and fully insulated with heater, pet door and access door on each side, so its not just beautiful but functional as well. It can be customized in any format to meet your dogs needs. 

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Your Own Signature Dog House  

"The bell shape inspiration"

If you are looking for something very unique, or your own signature dog house contact to initiate the customization process