Watch TV with your dog while maintaining a clean living room​, inquire about our quality custom dog crates

Quality Guarantee

My quality guarantee is; best in class pet furniture hand crafted in Ontario Canada with meticulous attention to detail and using only premium building materials and non-toxic stain & sealants.

Functionally Beautiful

A custom dog crate should not only look good but should feel good, must be rugged & sturdy, roomy & cozy, your dogs own private space, because every dog deserves a

"hound cave" ;)

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XL Black Ebony With Partition

An example of my solid wood design with black ebony stain. Built with 1.5" lumber, 3/4" aluminum bars and textured vinyl planks for floor durability.  

ç¨ß†øµ ∂ø© ç®å†´ π´† ƒ¨®˜ˆ†¨®´

Transitional Dog Crate

Rustic walls with matching vinyl flooring transitioning onto a sleek limousine black modern table top.

Can also be revised as sleek painted walls with a rustic wood-plank table-top

ç¨ß†øµ ∂ø© ç®å†´ π´† ƒ¨®˜ˆ†¨®´

Classic Brown Dog Crate

Resembling a 19th century furniture, the dark brown stain and beautiful natural wood grains really makes this crate stand out as a timeless classic.

ç¨ß†øµ ∂ø© ç®å†´ π´† ƒ¨®˜ˆ†¨®´

Deep Black Ebony Stained Dog Crate

Fully blackout wooden dog crate built with 1.5" solid wood-plank table-top, solid wood-plank back wall, heavy duty textured vinyl flooring, and 3/4" aluminum bars

ç¨ß†øµ ∂ø© ç®å†´ π´† ƒ¨®˜ˆ†¨®´

Simply Modern Dog Crate

This crate is an example of my lesser expensive all paint grade version. It is built with a premium water proof engineered plywood, a very durable paint finish, 3/4" aluminum bars and 1.5" wall thickness with a solid 3/4" table-top 

†®¨ç˚ ∫´∂ ∂ø© ç®å†´

Truck Bed Crate

The truck bed crate can be customized to fit perfectly onto any truck bed.

Your dog will enjoy the breeze and freedom of summer time travel while staying safe and secure